today is 22nd june...
i feel like shit...
many things happen this week...
ming you hurt me...cant help it..
my love for you is too much i think..
at the end it'll just leave many regret..
and today is climax..
when i read word DISOWN frommy friends who is broken because your frien ..i feel like im attached to that word..
and im realise that maybe this is the time for me to try to disown you in my mind and soul..
im going to disown you my bb's.
lets meet another time when thete will be no regret..
good luck..

Please Stay Healthy And Beautiful Our KiyouMING

hahaha this is just another impact of my bursting happy feeling after seeing sungmin soo pretty sleek and seducing at ss5..he is just..humm i dont know..we all knew btw that he is more beautiful than hyu*a kekekek no offend
i just hope one thing to my ultimate sweet beautiful bunny i hope he is healthy..he's going to be very busy with ss5, summer snow...he is quiting sukira now..sad i cant see any fancam of ming from sukira again,,
i love to see min fancam from sukira because i have the feeling that he is fully aware that he is being cammed*??* by fans..and he put many act mostly aegyo..thankyou hohoho..
ok this is getting nowhere...kkeut

Re-Run EHB

ohooo i've decided that i'll use this journal for my 'random babo speak'..
since i just have no talent in writing fic, so i'll just be loyal to be a reader kekekek...
ok back to the topic, this sunday i spend my entire day to watch ehb again since the last i watch ehb is in 2009...and when i finished watching ep 12, i realized that my lovely bunny min, is a very cool hyung to his dongsaeng, hyk in this case..so i began to collect my memory about hyukmin..and....DANG yess finally i realised they're have that so called brotherhood feeling..before i always see hyuk as rival to kyu...but now i admit that hyuk is like real litle brother to sungmin,,love you hyuk kekeke shoul i love monkey from now on?? ahahahaha..
And i often heard kyuhyun is sungmin favourite dongsaeng too but how come i never see their so called hyung-dongsaeng relationship..?? i want to see their interaction as hyung-dongsaeng...because all i can feel from all of their interaction is butterfly in my stomach just like ehmm..lover?? don't kill me, maybe i just overdose from kyumin yaoi fic..
so from now on i'll begin my journey in searching for family themed kyumin fic,,kekekke
so the conclution is: what you see or read make you realsed that sungmin is hot perfect sexy bunny *ahhaa fail conclution*
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How Deep Is Your Love???

just my first shout out at this journal, with my very bad english...and i know no one would read this anyway kekeke
how deep is your love? this question is often i ask to my self recently when i began love pink bunny lover so much..it seems my heart just can't contain my feeling for pink bunny lover...as a fan for sure kekekek...
when i began to stalk my pink bunny lover,i just very attracted to every ....min pairing, as far its min pairing i'll definitely ship them..ow i know this is just going everywhere my blabbering non sense..i should just stop.. next time when i post another shout out i'll try to be mire organized to what i'll say
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